Ways to help

Individual Support

Whether you are considering a personal donation or another way to contribute to FARA, you can make a difference in the lives of FA patients. Please consider one of the following ways to support our community.

Personal DonationsStock DonationsSpecial Occasion Donations

Matching ProgramsUnited WayCombined Federal Campaign

Giving ProgramsLetter Writing CampaignIn Kind Support

Personal Donations

FARA accepts personal donations online, by phone, fax, or mail. Click on Donate Now for more information.

Stock Donations

FARA welcomes wired and stock donations. Bank fees are typically $15 - $25 per transaction. Click on Donate Now for more information.

Special Occasion Donations

Turn your next special occasion into a valuable way to support FARA’s important work towards finding treatments and a cure for Friedreich’s ataxia. Gifts can be made through online donations, mailing checks or via credit card. Consider a special occasion gift whenever you are planning:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Holiday parties and more
Matching Programs

Many employers are committed to supporting the interests of their employees through matching programs. When an employee makes a donation to an eligible nonprofit organization, an employer will match the donation with designated company funds. This means that a donor’s contribution to FARA could total twice the amount they donated personally. Employers that participate in matching gift programs usually require donors to submit a form to initiate the match. Check with your Human Resources or Corporate Giving Department to determine whether your employer has a matching program. If you need assistance from someone at FARA, please contact us – e-mail, info@cureFA.org or phone, (484) 879-6160.

United Way

FARA works with many local United Way organizations throughout the United States.You can either contact United Way yourself to designate giving to FARA or your employer may also have an established giving program with the United Way. If needed, FARA can contact the local United Way, at your request, to have FARA listed as a charity for earmarked donations. Please note that local United Way policies may vary from branch to branch.

Combined Federal Campaign

The Combined Federal Campaign gives federal employees the opportunity to donate to their favorite charity by designating a withholding from their paycheck. FARA is listed as a possible recipient for earmarked donations through this campaign.

CFC Logo

FARA's CFC identification code is: 65243.

Giving Programs

Giving programs donate to charities when you use them. You can designate FARA as the beneficiary of their donated funds. Through your regular activities, shopping, or referrals, FARA can receive funds for research. You can raise money for FA research, by participating in one or more of these programs. If you have other suggestions for giving programs, please send them to us - e-mail, info@cureFA.org or phone, (484) 879-6160.

  • Food Lion Program – Every time you shop at a Food Lion store, you can have a percentage of your grocery sales go directly to FARA. At the Food Lion website, on the left menu, click on “In the Community,” then click Fundraising. Click “Register MVP Cards” then choose the organization you wish to support, fill in FARA’s location (city / state) Springfield / VA and select “Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance.” Click OK and then the “Add MVP Card” button. You then fill out your information to complete the process.
  • IGive - You can access some of your favorite online stores through IGive. Then when you shop online with IGive, you can designate FARA as the recipient of a percentage of the proceeds from your purchase. On the IGive website, type “Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance” in the cause “Keyword search”. Then, complete the registration information.
  • Goodsearch - Set your home page to the Goodsearch search engine powered by Yahoo. Type in “Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance” in the “Who do you search for section?” Each time you search for a webpage, Goodsearch makes a donation to FARA.
Letter Writing Campaigns

A letter writing campaign can serve several purposes. It gives you an opportunity to raise awareness about FA and explain to people how they can help. The most successful campaigns start with sending letters to your family, friends, colleagues, business associates, etc. Often, people want to help but they do not know how and are afraid to ask. Letter writing campaigns can bridge this gap. Click here for some template letters and suggestions to help you get started: Letter Writing Campaign template.

In-Kind Support

FARA accepts in-kind donations of goods and services. People that have expertise in given areas or networks that want to help may contact FARA to explore ideas. Previously accepted in-kind donations include:

  • Valued items to be used for auction at fundraising events
  • IT services (online application development, web recommendations/hosting, etc.)
  • Marketing services (advertisement or promotional material creation)
  • Food donations/catering for events
  • Promotional materials
  • Software