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Our Partners

FARA partners with government agencies, corporations, and advocacy groups that support scientific research aimed at finding treatments and a cure for Friedreich's Ataxia.

We are very grateful for the support from all of our Partners.


Partner of the Year Selection Criteria

  • Leadership and/or employees/constituents within the partner organization are directly supporting FARA’s mission and demonstrate a commitment to curing FA faster than thought possible(e.g., fundraising, in-kind contributions, professional services, etc.).
  • Organizational culture that values community, helping others, volunteerism.
  • Commitment to increasing awareness of Friedreich’s ataxia or FARA.

FARA Friend & Ally award

The FARA Friend and Ally award is presented to volunteers within the FA community that lend their time, talent, and countless hours in support of FARA's mission to find treatments and a cure for FA.
2018 - Wendy Ryan
Chris & Pamela Kelsch
Michael & Marissa Crawley
2017 - Charlotte Pizzo
Tim Block
2016 - Kurt & Amy Hull
Frank & Anna Alfano
2015 - Sandy Callaghan
2014 - Tom & Dede Bradley
2013 - Herman & Tanya Fernandez
Lawrence Phillips
2012 - Broadreach Televsion
Rod Clingaman
Ava Forney
2011 - John Jackson
Crystal Wade
2010 - Mary Brown
Blair DeSaw
Julie Robertson
2009 - The Cast and Crew of the Cake Eaters


Non-profit Advocacy Partners

Government Partners

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the premier US federal government entity responsible for biomedical research and is the world's largest funder of such research. FARA works very closely with the NIH in many ways. FARA has provided grants to a number of scientists that have used that support to develop the preliminary data they needed to submit successful applications for much larger NIH grants. FARA leadership has served on the National Advisory Council of the NIH National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and continues to participate in the Council's public meetings. FARA leadership has, at NIH request, made a number of presentations at NIH public forums involving other advocacy organizations, other federal agencies, and representatives of the biopharmaceutical industry. FARA has been active in helping rally public support for the NIH -- twice testifying before congressional appropriations committees to encourage more robust budgets for the NIH and working closely with other organizations such as Research!America in building additional public support for the NIH. To learn more about FARA's relationship with the NIH and FARA's effort to rally support for the NIH, visit our Advocacy page

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the U.S. regulatory agency for food and medical therapies. FARA collaborates with the FDA to help educate FA scientists, pharmaceutical partners, and patient families regarding the regulatory process and to help educate the FDA regarding FA so as to maximize the prospects for successful development and approvals of FA treatments. FARA is also active in advocating for a more robust FDA budget, working closely with the Alliance for a Stronger FDA and Research!America.

Industry Partners

Media Partners



Prior Partners of the Year

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