Meet Brittany Wiseman


Original MTC:

Name: Brittany Wiseman

Please share any updates since your last interview: Since my last interview, my career has changed. I have worked for United Access, corporately owned by BraunAbility since 2016. BraunAbility changes lives for people with physical disabilities through innovative mobility solutions that provide independence. I LOVE being a part of this company!
I can no longer walk independently. I was relying on a rollator to use in my home until Dec. 2022. I try to use my rollator daily with assistance to do laps in my house. I use a manual wheelchair or a scooter, depending on what I’m doing or where I’m going. I bought a wheelchair accessible vehicle in 2020. I drive with hand controls. My vehicle has a side entry ramp so I can travel independently with my mobility device.
To stay active, I see a personal trainer weekly at a non profit gym, owned by DASA (Disabled athletes sports association) for physically disabled individuals. I dabble in adaptive sports such as rock climbing, yoga, archery, and air rifle.

What do you want to discuss more on? My exercise/sport routine

When did you start? 2020

What made you choose this? I chose DASA once I learned about this non profit program offered in my county.

What do you enjoy most about working out? I enjoy what exercise does for me mentally, emotionally, and physically. I feel proud of the achievements I’ve made at the gym due to me building strength.

Does FA impact this? Please share any adaptations you’ve made to be able to participate in exercise. The whole gym is modified for individuals with physical limitations and many mobility devices are offered to assist during the work out.

Tell us more about the journey/path with DASA. It was easy to begin. I provided info on FA and how it affects me. We discussed my goals which have always been strengthening my limbs and core. My trainer builds me a different exercise plan weekly for me to pursue in a 1 hour session. DASA is how I discovered adaptive sports. It has been such a positive in my life to keep me active and feeling empowered. I’ve learned to do numerous exercises and sports (with minor adaptations) which makes me feel like FA can’t stop me and I can conquer anything!

Interviewed by
Mary Nadon Scott
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