FA Woodstock 3My favorite FA event of the entire year is FA Woodstock. Now, I will admit that I am biased since FA Woodstock 2016 was my first FA event ever. Nevertheless, I am here to tell you about this phenomenal event that takes place every summer.

When you hear, "La Porte, Indiana," what do you think of? It probably isn't Woodstock, but it should be. FA Woodstock has tie-dye, camping, art, an unparalleled sense of unity and is 3 days of peace and music (the sound of rain, laughter, and wheelchairs rolling down the boardwalk). Though Jimi Hendrix does not attend and I have yet to see a Deadhead in attendance, Dr. Lynch is a spectacular substitution. And let's be honest, in the world of FA, Dr. Lynch is as cool as Jimi Hendrix. Each year, Dr. Lynch and his team attend FA Woodstock to collect blood and skin samples. (You'll have to forgive me. I have tried to be clever and find ways to compare FA Woodstock with Woodstock 1969, but for "blood and skin samples," I'm at a loss. Anyway...)

Each year is a bit different. This year, in particular, modified yoga was available several times throughout the days. There was also an acupuncturist (bravery is a virtue!) under one of the tents. Many FAers are staunch believers in the benefits of acupuncture. I will enthusiastically declare that I am not the arbiter of acupuncture. Instead, I will suggest that everyone should experience it firsthand and make an educated decision. Though these activities are available for FA patients to try, they aren't everyone's cup of tea, and that's totally fine.

FA Woodstock collageBefore we go further, I must give credit where credit is due. The Hook family is wonderful and they truly captured the essence of "Woodstock" by offering a plethora of creative activities, most notoriously: tie-dye. In my humble (and declarative) opinion, tie-dye is the epitome of Woodstock. I narrowly missed the OG Woodstock by being born 25 years after it. But there is still something in my brain that inherently recognizes the importance of tie-dye in any event with "Woodstock" in its name. It's almost instinctual. So, the Hook family put Mark and Paula Brown in charge of it. They are such kind people and were happy to learn different tie-dye techniques and strive to make the dyeing station the best it can be. (I have a fun collection of tie-dye shirts that I've made with Paula! Am I a hippie or did I just go to FA Woodstock?) Congruent to the dyeing station is the craft table. The particular craft changes every year but it is always a great way to stimulate your brain's left hemisphere.

There are many animals on the ranch. Amongst them are dogs, horses, and baby goats. There are horses to ride and fish to fish in a nearby pond. If a swimming pool, sunshine, FAmily, animals, tie-dye, fireworks, crafts, piña coladas, acupuncture, yoga and giving blood/skin still doesn't convince you that FA Woodstock is the bee's knees, I know what will. There is an endless supply of soft serve ice cream...

See you at FA Woodstock 2019!

Scarlett Contributor