GhoulsNightOut“Ghouls Night Out” was the theme for this year’s Piccadilly Gala and Ladies Night Out in Clinton, Missouri. The annual event raises funds to support the downtown decorations, landscapes, etc. Each year, a charity or cause is selected to benefit as well, and this year, FARA was chosen. On Tuesday, October 11, over 300 women gathered to raise money in a big way. Thirteen pumpkins were decorated for the evenings “Pumpkin Palooza” and auctioned off. With the city’s generous women, these 13 pumpkins raised $1,800 for FARA in their efforts to find a cure. 

It's always wonderful to see people open their hearts, and to be living in a community that did so, is just icing on the cake. I was expecting each pumpkin to bring maybe $20 and I was excited about that. After all, over 300 more individuals now know about FA than before. I was shocked when the first pumpkin sold for over $75, but they just went up from there!

I am proud to live in such a supportive, giving community. Thank you, Clinton!

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