Bracelets4thecureMy original inspiration for making hand-crafted bracelets was “Holly’s Hope”, a line of bracelets created by FARA member, Holly Franz, to benefit FARA. After attending a bead show, I decided to make my bracelets from natural stone beads.

On Saturday, Nov. 5th, my family and I hosted a FARA fundraiser selling handmade bracelets and jewelry stands at a local craft show, Heart of the Crafter. All proceeds from the sale went to FARA. Family members, and a very talented and generous friend donated supplies, time, and effort to craft elastic cord, beaded bracelets.

I was pleased and excited with the interest shown in FA and FARA. An informational display plus handouts accompanied by my own explanation of my experience with FA, helped to spread awareness. The goal of spreading FA awareness, and raising funds for FARA was met. After a final tabulation, $1000 went to FARA. Thank you friends, family, and community for your support! This experience has encouraged me to try various methods of fundraising, and utilize personal skills and likes. Everyone can do something!

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