Hi Everyone! My name is Megan. I am 29 and I'm from a small town called North Baltimore, Ohio. I am the mother of one beautiful 4 year old little girl named Olyvia and I just recently got married! I am a student at The University of Cincinnati but I do it all online. I am majoring in Health Information Management.

I was diagnosed with FA at age 18. When I was about 15, I was running track, playing volleyball and very active and began being picked on by coaches, teammates and friends for the way that I walked and ran. My knees locked and I was very flat-footed and awkward. My brother told me to loosen up because I walked like a “soldier”.

When I was 17, I got in a small accident (fender bender) and began getting migraines. While I was at the neurologist office, I decided that I would ask him why I walked so funny. He did a bunch of tests and found that I had FA. That same year, I was told of a girl in the next town over with my same last name who had a hard time walking too. I found out after some research that she is a 3rd cousin of mine. Same age. We have used each other a lot since for support and questions here and there.
I go to the gym a few times per week and I am told on a regular basis that I am “inspiring”. I don’t know about that but, that is why I want to be an ambassador. If I can help anyone to fight harder by “inspiring” them, I want to do it!