Dillon 1 Hello Everyone,

My Name is Dillon, 27, living in Central New York. I’m honored to be returning to the AP. If you don’t know me, I’m a big advocate for Mental Health and recognize the impact it can have on a rare disease community.

I’m very invested in FA clinical trials and research. I am proud to be someone who speaks up and out about my concerns.

So, let me tell you a bit about me, I was clinically diagnosed almost a decade ago believe it or not; cause I can’t, over that time I’ve participated in trials like: The Cardiac MRI Study, NAD+ Exercise Trial, Moxie/Omav Trial, Retrotope Trial, Natural History Study (annually), and currently I’m participating in the Track-FA study as well. I plan to do more to contribute to help scientific research in general and of course our community.
Dillon 2 I’m a big Marvel/DC, Star Wars & Science Fiction Fan and love all things to do with that genre, follow me on TikTok & Instagram: @dmlh_7 for more of my journey!

I also would like to say that I look forward to getting to:
  1. Represent The FA Community again
  2. Help & Encourage others to use their voices
  3. Bring more awareness to the world about Rare Diseases
  4. Rediscover the importance of friendship, community, FAmily, leadership & inner strength!