Emily Rogez I am Emily Rogez and I’m 27 years old. I live in Purcell, Oklahoma. I was diagnosed with FA at the age of 6 in 2002. In my free time, I travel a lot with my mom (We’re actually returning home from a road trip to CHOP as I write this). We like to drive just about everywhere, we go by land as my mom is afraid of flying. I spend a lot of time shopping, taking care of my nieces and my pets. I have a dog named Daisy and two cats...stripes and littles. Daisy is a pit bull, they get a bad wrap but she is the sweetest baby. She loves the kitties and treats them like her babies. I also like to read...or listen to audibles now since my eyesight is pretty bad.

I wanted to join the Ambassador Program because when I was first diagnosed 21 years ago there was not much for people with FA. Not knowing what to expect, what type of treatments or resources that we were aware of was hard. I would like for no other family to feel so lost. If my mom had not found the FAPG the day I was diagnosed we would have had no information to go by. There are a lot of social media groups now and that helps but it would be nice to have information readily available for people newly diagnosed.

I look forward to this program!