Mekayla Holm My name is Mekayla Holm and I’m 25 years old from the cold state of Minnesota. In 2020 I received my Bachelor’s degree in Data Science and now I’m working at 3M as a Global Business Analyst.

I was diagnosed with Friedreichs Ataxia at 17, and joined the Ambassador Program a few years later. I’m super passionate about advocacy: FA research, FA awareness, and disabilities in the workplace. In the ambassador program, I’m often making content for social media, and talking to a lot of newly diagnosed patients.

Mekayla Holm When I’m not working or advocating, I spend my time hanging out with friends, practicing makeup, and playing with my dog Violet. Even though FA is a huge part of my life, I’m determined to do as much as I can and make an impact while I’m doing it.