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Springfield Outback Fundraiser

As my mom and I drove home from a recent fundraiser, I used my iPad to capture the day in words, and couldn't help but smile. I was filled with this overwhelming sense of pride and hope. The fundraiser luncheon at the Springfield, Virginia Outback on June 8th, 2013 was nothing short of amazing. The amount of support that FARA has from the community, as always, is unbelievable, and the drive and determination shown by FARA's staff is rarely ever matched.
This event was attended by all of FARA's six-person staff and board members. Apparently, there was a board meeting in the city of Springfield, so all the members were able to attend the fundraiser. This rarely, if ever, happens and I certainly have never been to a fundraiser where all of the FARA staff were present. They are routinely so busy being spread so thin attending other events, it is not unusual to see only one or two at each event. This a great problem to have, I think. It's a testimony to how many fundraisers there actually are. The more fundraisers, the bigger the chance of any treatment and a cure, and this gives me hope.

I thought, prior to this, I had met most people involved with FARA. But it turns out there were board members at the event I had not met before. I also finally met the only FARA staff member I had yet to meet, Evelyn Wu. I have never met so many people whose only desire is to work themselves out of a job. This is a characteristic that does not go unnoticed by this attendee.
I'm not sure at this point how much money was raised, there is not a final tally yet. Outback had done some fundraising leading up to the event, and I believe they also continued to raise funds afterward. Overall there was a nice turnout attended by beautiful people and hosted by an amazing staff at Outback. There was a live band which provided outstanding music. The Outback food, ranging from chicken and beef, to salad, rice, and cookies, as always, was awesome. Although, you are going to have a hard time making me change my mind about that, since it's one of my favorite restaurants.
My initial thought when reflecting is to say it was another great FARA fundraiser. The fact is, however, all FARA fundraisers are great.





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