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January Teen Hangout 2020

lets talk about petsBack for 2020!!

We hope you can join the FARA Ambassadors for a hangout for teenagers, 13-19, with ataxia (of any form). FA Teen Hangouts are hour-long web-based hangouts. If you don't have ataxia, you are not allowed to participate in the hangout. This is simply a place to meet and talk to other people who may be going through struggles and good times similar to you. There will also be at least three adult FARA Ambassadors present. The adults will be there to help keep the conversation safe and going. FARA Ambassador Madelyn Frederick will lead January's hangout.

The theme: The special bond between animals and pets and owner with ataxia! Do you have a pet? Maybe you want one. Does your pet care that you have ataxia? Does your pet help you through a long day? Is it hard to take care of your pet? Join us to talk or just listen. We are sure you'll find you aren't alone! It is just a relaxed conversation...the theme gets us going, but we definitely don't stick to it!


When: Thursday, January 30th, 8-9 PM ET (The hangout opens 30 minutes early to try to work out technical issues. Please remember we are volunteers, not IT professionals! Come early if you've never attended a hangout on WebEx before.)

Who: Teens with ataxia ages 13 to 19 (Please note: all the teens will be together)

Where: On WebEx so if you have access to the internet, speakers, and a camera on your device, you can come!

How: If you are under 18, you need to get your parents or guardian to sign a consent form. This should be emailed to Parents/guardians can also ask questions at this email address. Additionally, they can get a consent form here if they need to. If you already have a signed consent form, no need to get a new one! The signed form is good until the signer revokes it. Then, email and request to join. A minimum of a half-hour before the hangout opens, you will be sent a link to join the hangout on WebEx. 18 and over: just let us know that you want to come by emailing us at or A minimum of a half-hour before the hangout opens, you will be sent a link to join the hangout on WebEx.

Pop an email to either address if you have questions!




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