DT-216 is a new molecule to activate transcription of the FXN gene and restore production of the frataxin protein. More specifically, it is a GeneTAC™ gene targeted chimera small molecule designed to specifically target the GAA repeat expansion mutation and restore FXN gene expression.

This is a frst-in-human, Phase 1, study of DT-216. The initial single ascending dose part of the Phase 1 has completed recruitment and we are now beginning the Multiple Ascending Dose (MAD) study. Enrollment will be in cohorts (typically 5-8 people). The first cohort will be enrolled and tested at the first dose, then there will be a review of the safety, then typically several weeks later the next cohort will be enrolled to test the next dose. In the MAD study subjects will be treated with a once a week dose over 3 weeks, with regular safety assessments after dosing. The study treatment period is approximately 21-22 days and includes 3 non-consecutive inpatient stays at the study unit for a total of 10 nights/11 days. In between the unit stays during the 3 week dosing subjects can stay at a local hotel. Maximum duration of study participation is approximately 10.5 weeks.

Inclusion criteria:

  • Individuals with FA ages 18 to 55 years old (inclusive) at screening
  • Genetically confirmed diagnosis of FA with homozygous GAA repeat expansions
  • Weight between 90 and 200lbs (approximately)
  • Ability to sit upright with thighs together and arms crossed without requiring support on more than two sides
  • Ability to perform basic daily care such as feeding yourself and basic personal hygiene with minimal assistance

This study is being conducted at Clinilabs in Eatontown, New Jersey or CenExel CNS in Long Beach, California. Compensation will be provided for qualified participants and caregivers. Individuals and caregivers who are not local to the research facility will receive no-cost transportation and accommodations.

Contact Clinilabs or CenExel CNS for more information or to express interest in the study.

Joan Mallet 212-994-4567
Eileen Thomas 212-994-4567

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CenExel CNS
Los Alamitos, California
Contact: Elisabeth Florez

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714.612.5548 or 714.891.0971

View the study flyer

Additional information can be found on the clinicaltrials.gov website (NCT05573698) https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT05573698

For more information about Design Therapeutics and DT-216, view the webinar hosted by FARA with Design, Oct 2021.
Webinar link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSdWGp3cK4k

June 20, 2023– FARA received a letter from Design Therapeutics, expressing gratitude to the FA community for support of the Phase 1 and muscle biopsy studies. Read the letter here.

Anyone considering participating in a clinical trial should discuss the matter with his or her physician. FARA does not endorse or recommend any particular studies.