Lynch DR, Subramony S, Lin KY, Mathews K, Perlman S, Yoon G, Rummey C.

The authors examined the clinical features of Friedreich ataxia (FRDA) patients who present first with cardiac disease in order to understand the earliest features of the diagnostic journey in FRDA. They identified a group of subjects in the FACOMS natural history study whose first identified clinical feature was cardiac. Only 0.5% of the total cohort belonged to this group, which was younger on average at the time of presentation. Their cardiac symptoms ranged from asymptomatic features to heart failure with severe systolic dysfunction. Two of those individuals with severe dysfunction proceeded to heart transplantation, but others spontaneously recovered. In most cases, diagnosis of FRDA was not made until well after cardiac presentation. The present study shows that some FRDA patients present based on cardiac features, suggesting that earlier identification of FRDA might occur through enhancing awareness of FRDA among pediatric cardiologists who see such patients. This is important in the context of newly identified therapies for FRDA.

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