Edzeamey FJ, Ramchunder Z, Pourzand C, Anjomani Virmouni S.

The reduced expression of frataxin has been suggested to result in the downregulation of endogenous antioxidant defence mechanisms and mitochondrial bioenergetics, and the increase in mitochondrial iron accumulation thereby leading to oxidative stress. The confirmation of oxidative stress as one of the pathological signatures of FRDA led to the search for antioxidants which can be used as therapeutic modality. Based on this observation, antioxidants with different mechanisms of action have been explored for FRDA therapy since the last two decades. In this review, all antioxidants which have been investigated for FRDA therapy and have been signed off for clinical trials are discussed. The authors summarise their various target points in FRDA disease pathway, their performances during clinical trials and possible factors which might have accounted for their failure or otherwise during clinical trials. They also discuss the limitation of the studies completed and propose possible strategies for combinatorial therapy of antioxidants to generate synergistic effect in FRDA patients.

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