Meet Jason Drake

Name: Jason Drake

Age: 36

Where do you call home? Virginia

What is your education? High School

Who do you live with? Alone

What’s a typical day for you? Stay at Home

How long have you known you are living with FA? When and how were you diagnosed? I was diagnosed 19 years ago at the age of 17.

Are there any others with FA in your family? No

Describe your transition from walking to walker/wheelchair. I went from walking to using a cane for stability to using a wheelchair

What do you like to do to stay active and what type of exercises work for you to stay strong? Getting outside exercising dogs and using hand weights and bands for hand and legs exercises

Do you have any special hobbies or interests? Training Dogs

What is a good trick to make daily life easier? Exercising

When FA gets you down, what do you think/do to feel better? Being around my dogs

What is one way living with FA has POSITIVELY affected your life? Makes you look at life with a positive attitude

What is a favorite motivational quote of yours? “I have FA but FA doesn’t have me.”

What is a piece of advice that someone with FA has given you that encourages and inspires you? Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do.

What is the best advice YOU could give to a person who has been newly diagnosed with FA? Don’t give up on your dream or stop doing what you want to do.

“I have FA but FA doesn’t have me.” What does this statement mean to you? FA is not going to control me and my life.

How do you live your life in the face of adversity? Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do.

Tell us a little more about you…. I try to keep a positive attitude each day and stay active. I exercise each day to stay in shape and to strengthen my muscles.

Did your diagnosis impact your friendships and relationships? If so, in what way? Yes. They were still my friends but were not sure how to help me when we hung out.

What do you wish the general public understood about FA or disabilities? How to assist more.

How long have you been interested in training dogs? How did it start? Why is it important to you? 25 years ago. I enjoyed being around dogs, I also liked running.

What is your favorite movie or book? Where the Red Fern Grows

Are you a night owl or an early bird (do you prefer staying up late or waking up early)? Waking up early


Interviewed by

Jamie Plourde