AlyxHHello everyone, my name is Alyx Holliday. I was diagnosed with FA when I was five, so I don’t remember much about it. My mom said it’s a good thing I don’t remember much because what I had to go through was a lot. When I was younger I used to play baseball. I played for 17 seasons I was 14 years old when I had to stop to have the spinal fusion surgery I’m sure some of you have had it too. My adaptive P.E. teacher and my physical therapist taught me a lot of great ways to keep myself strong for all the upcoming trials.

My senior year I decided to get more involved, so I did the Mr. Salem Pageant. I had to learn two dance routines and I had to come up with a talent, so I decided to do a comedy routine. In June I went to prom and had a grand time dancing the night away. I learned that I really love to dance. Also in June I graduated with honors from my High School and I got to walk across the stage. 

Right now I’m going to Old Dominion University. I just went there on August 11, 2015 to register for my classes and I got to see my dorm. I move in to my dorm August 21, 2015. My dorm is very handicapped accessible and I’ve even got a roommate to enrich the college experience. Now that I’m going to college working out will be easy again Old Dominion University has a huge recreation center with lots of workout equipment and they have personal trainers.