In honor of FA Awareness month in May, FARA is proud to present: The third annual FA Research Flash Talks series - featuring Young Investigators from FARA funded laboratories around the world. This four-part series covers key aspects of FARA funded research from gene silencing and disease mechanisms to therapeutic avenues and clinical insights. Each session includes Flash Talks from four to five Young Investigators (ie, postdocs and graduate students) moderated by an FA Community member. Each Flash Talk is limited to a maximum of five minutes and a single PowerPoint slide and is suitable for a lay audience.

Session 3 covered the following topics:

  • Frataxin: the conductor of the iron-sulfur supercomplex orchestra
  • Looking for a substitute for frataxin function: Can the iron-sulfur factory still run efficiently if frataxin takes the day off?
  • OCXT1, a newly discovered sidekick of frataxin: regulating the use of alternative fuel in the body
  • Now recruiting: The FA Sweet-Heart Study
  • Giving patients and caregivers a voice in evaluating drug efficacy in clinical trials

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