At the beginning of 2015, FARA issued a $1 Million fundraising challenge to our FAmily of grassroots fundraisers, a campaign called Mission 1 Million. We are excited to report that thanks to your generous volunteer efforts organizing over 60 grassroots events to benefit FARA, the Grassroots Program has exceeded $1 Million in fundraising again this year!

The support we have received from dedicated team members like you has led to new drug discoveries filling a rich research pipeline with diverse approaches to treatment and new partners. This past year alone, three new clinical trials were launched and FARA also started a collaborative biomarker initiative to find ways to better measure the potential effectiveness of a therapy in a shorter period of time.

The grassroots fundraising program has always played a significant part in FARA's ability to fund research. When you reach your individual event goals, TOGETHER we draw closer to our program goal of $1 Million and as a result keep up an urgent pace to research. Let's use this excitement and momentum to continue research progress into 2016!