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Dear friends,

Every year in May, our community comes together in action for FA Awareness Month. This month is dedicated to hosting educational events and engaging in advocacy—efforts aimed at sharing information about Friedreich's ataxia (FA) and driving progress toward treatments.

So many of you have taken the initiative to share information about FA on social media and engage with FARA. By sharing informative posts, personal stories, research updates, and upcoming events through online platforms, we can connect individuals, provide support, and foster a sense of unity––even when physical proximity is not possible. 

FARA Ambassadors serve as a driving force behind FA Awareness, facilitating meaningful connections, providing valuable insights, and promoting collaboration among various stakeholders—individuals with FA, pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies, researchers, and healthcare providers. This month, ambassadors and community members are sharing their stories and experiences to raise awareness and promote patient engagement in research at events hosted by industry partners, including Larimar Therapeutics, Reata Pharmaceuticals, and Solid Biosciences. 

Additionally, we are incredibly grateful for the individuals and families who have organized and actively participated in fundraisers, as their contributions play a vital role in supporting FA research and bringing us closer to finding effective treatments. 

Let's make this FA Awareness Month a time to unite as a community, amplify our voices, and educate others about FA. Your action ignites lasting change and progress. 


Jennifer Farmer,
FARA Chief Executive Officer

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