The State Capitol was packed this morning with 50 cyclists and over 100 supporters for the Ride Ataxia send off. It was an epic event and it was captured on News 10, check it out.

It was supposed to storm today. Thunder, lightning, the whole works. However, we woke up this morning to clear skies. The clouds were around during the day but they only served as a nice break from the bright sun. We started out heading south out of downtown. We stayed in a large group until we got out of town. Rode along the river for a few miles and along farm roads for the rest of the day. We had a couple flat tires but everyone was taken care of and we all had a great time. Everyone finished the day here in Lodi which ended up being about 55 miles. Some of our teammates went home today and they will be missed. We had a team dinner here at the RV park...lasagne never tasted so good. Hung out and watched Susie do tarot card readings. Laughed a lot and watched the news at 6.

I realize this does not sound exciting but it was a perfect day. I am going to hand the keyboard over to tess to add some excitement:

so there we were 50 chilled but eager cyclists. i type cyclists, but really, oh gee, really, i think most of us are rec riders. tough, but yeah, rec. oy, were we rec. but without the expected thunderstorms (which we were toughly ready to handle), and with the lovely, fluffy white clouds (gosh i'm tired right now), well, it was a perfect day. tee hee, roberto was a rockstar with his two flats. angela finished like a champ again. spinner was a hoot as always. and i got to chat it up with so may new people, such motivating people, that i didn't need my IPOD, well hardly at all. i mean it was 4 hours. oh yeah, and then there was "the wheelie guy," who so utterly grossly wheelied over roadkill (i.e, a possum and dog)... can i type this? dude, kyle's so gonna edit this all out anyway. who needs a journal, when i can shout out to the world. ok, ok, so there we were, vineyards and fluffy clouds and cows and goats. mmm, the cows smelled. and one spit on the dude with the Wendy's jersey. btw, uncle steve (he's kyle's uncle not mine, but i call him that b/c it's ridiculous) still has the i love cuties sticker on). and lance is a psuedo himalayan shirpa. and well, jina's got this silly butpad names for people. ok, i'm out.

My name is Kyle Bryant and I approve this message.