Today was great, yesterday was an absolute grind.

Yesterday we started out in Quartzsite (fully clothed) and immediately started the 10 mile climb over another small mountain range. Grinding away at 4.5-7 mph, this ten miles took us what seemed like forever. On the other side was a small payoff which was not enough to cover what we just suffered. Then wse got off the freeway onto highway 60... The shoulder was very rough with seems about every 5 feet, not cool! So we bounced along and took a short stop for some gatorade at a small store in Brenda, AZ. Then came another hill. This one sorta snuck up on us...Looking at the road you would think it was flat but don't be fooled, it is slightly uphill, and very bumpy. The hill continued like this and got steeper for about 15 miles, hooray! Toward the top, the shoulder surface turned to smooth asphalt and wse kept grinding away slightly faster. We were looking forward to the payoff on the other side but that wouldnt come for another day. The road was flat for the last ten miles and our legs were aching but we put in 50 miles.
Endless Road:

The next morning we started at about 8 am (about the time you were getting to work) and enjoyed the flatness for about 25 miles. Then we came to the big payoff. A downhill stretch for about 12 miles, all the way to our destination for the night Wickenburg, AZ. We finished up at about 1pm and took a load off...We sat for an hour, sunny, 80 degrees with a cool breeze. Whats the date? Oh yeah, January 29...Great day!
These two pictures provide a decent summary of our afternoon:

- I have noticed that I have a lot more to say about the bad dxays so far, maybe this is something I will have to change.

Bonus Picture:

Mornings on the road.