I have not posted in a while because I have been busy with my team preparing for the NorCal Ride.  The big day is only 1 week away and things are coming together in a big way!  We will have 200 riders split up among the 10, 25 and 2 day 100 mile courses and our fundraising is approaching $100k.  The fundraising website does not reflect this total because there are a lot of funds that are on their way in such as $20k from the Helms' event in Missoula Montana, $6k from the Froling fundraiser in Grass Valley, CA and $3k from the Prater event in Chico, CA plus all of the donations that will come in this week!  I still think we can make it to our goal of $170k, there is time, lets make it happen!

There is also still time to sign up to participate!  We have something for everyone and the food on this ride is going to be ridiculous.  All the food at the rest stops will be provided by the following: Kellogg’s, Fresh Point, Sodexo, General Mills, Nature Valley, Dasani, Naked Juice, Kashi, Yoplait, Sysco, Powerade, Coca Cola, Clif Bar, Heinz, McCain, Mission, Pepperidge Farm, John Morrell, Michael Foods, Gatorade, Dawn Food Product, Bimbo Bakeries.  And the lunch for the 10 and 25 milers plus the dinner for the 50 milers will be provided by Outback Steakhouse...need I say more.  You will not go hungry on this ride.

Special Thanks also to our two main sponsors Brown and Caldwell Engineers and Edison Pharmaceuticals!

This week is going to be insane with Event Tshirts and participant information packets and volunteers and coordination meetings and Tess and Camping Gear and DJ's and high profile speakers like Jen Farmer (Executive Director of FARA) and Lisa Swarthout (Mayor of Grass Valley) and Training and route marking etc...I will try to post again this week but no promises.

See you at the ride!