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Progression: A balancing act.


FA is a progressive disease which means it gets worse over time. This makes things especially challenging because there is a constant balancing act between pushing oneself in order to maximize one's physical abilities and giving in to reason and comfort.

For example, I am in a transition period between walking and cruising in my wheelchair. Whenever I leave the house I have to assess the situation and decide whether or not things will be easier with the wheels. I have to consider the terrain I will be in, the time frame of whatever I am doing, the people that will be there, the activities that will take place, how I am feeling at the time etc.

After taking all these things into consideration I place them on either side of a scale. On one side of the scale are all the reasons why things might be easier with the wheels. On the other side of the scale is one thing: The fact that the more comfortable I get in the chair, the more time I will spend there.

to be continued...


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cheve11e said...

Balancing act, yeah my act fails me, but I gotta keep on pushing. When 'safty' is an issue ... (it seems the less I do the less I am able to do.) I just when for a Thanks Giving visit to me Sister's in IN. and didn't do 'much' of anything, you know had fun with her 6 kids and I did ride a stationary recumbent, but no 'real' pushing going on - NOW I'm real stiff and sore (that was only 10 days off!). I'm planning to get back pushing, but I don't think it will be the same. I have this Ataxia thing + I'm not getting any younger work against me.
So I encorage you to be consistant in your NOT using your wheel chair much (for safty reeasons). After all, our trike are kind of are wheels.
just my 2 cents

1:00 PM
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