Ride Ataxia's success is rooted in many families coming together as one team to ride and raise funds for FA research. At the heart of each family is someone who rallies the family members to action. The family volunteers to scout ride routes; they train for long distances; they fundraise and they get up before dawn to staff the first rest stop. They enthusiastically participate to do their part in changing the research landscape for Friedreich's ataxia. One such family is the Timbie Family, and they do it out of love for their son, brother, nephew, cousin, and friend- Garrett.

Garrett had an independent, positive spirit and always wore an infectious and warm smile. He was an avid sports fan and loved the Philadelphia Phillies. He traveled away to college and always took really good care of himself- working out and staying fit. Garrett was also very active in FA clinical research. Dr. Dave Lynch says: "I remember him being in every study he was eligible for, and always the first to ask about new studies. He was very good natured and laughed at almost all of my jokes." FARA's Executive Director, Jen Farmer adds: "He believed we were going to be successful in getting treatments and he wanted to be an active part of that - he was always participating in research studies and willing to try new treatment approaches."

Since the first ride in 2009, Garrett and his family have been strong supporters of Ride Ataxia Philadelphia. Ride Ataxia meant a lot to Garrett because he knew that it was an important part of the cure for FA.

Team Timbie at Ride Ataxia Philadelphia 2012

In celebration of his determined spirit and commitment to FA research, we dedicate Ride Ataxia Philadelphia 2013 to Garrett Timbie. Every Ride Ataxia Philadelphia jersey will have a remembrance of Garrett on the inside collar:

Thank you Garrett and Team Timbie for your steadfast support of Ride Ataxia and FA research. Together We Will Cure FA!

 Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Garrett was an amazing person.

1:27 PM 
Margaret Hanlon said...

Garrett taught me everything I know about communicating from the heart.

4:08 PM 
Margaret Hanlon said...

Garrett taught me everything I know about communicating from the heart.

4:09 PM