RADallas20161Saturday, April 9, 2016 began a cool, cloudy morning in Denton, TX. The University of North Texas was home to rideATAXIA Dallas, and I began the day some 25 miles north of the cyclists starting point at the 50 m rest stop. Adjacent to the shores of Lake Ray Roberts, my family and I (at least part of my family), along with Outback steakhouse assembled our hospitality tents. Outback cranked up the heavy-duty portable grill to cook steak and chicken for the riders. My family coordinated drinks and energy-packed snacks. I became “rest stop greeter”, a job that I love, and did my best to spread FA awareness with the riders. (Click HERE to see the routes riders followed through Denton.)

Back at UNT, the remaining members of my family rode the 6 m riding circuit. 2016 marked the first year that I had a cycling team in my honor. Team “Christin’s Cure’s-A-Comin’” exceeded our fundraising goal, and claimed enjoyment and privilege from riding. 

I encourage participation in this event. Whether volunteering or riding , rideATAXIA is such an amazing experience. It’s a combination pep rally and family reunion. Good times! With 540 total riders that day. rideATAXIA Dallas 2016 raised $82,000 for FA research!