First of all, I found the news footage from yesterday, check it out.

Day 2, Lodi to Turlock:

We woke up this morning to swaying trees and cold temperatures. Ate a bagel, made a sandwich and 25 of us started pedaling at around 9am. Started off heading east with a strong cross wind blowing from North to South. After 7 or 8 miles we turned and headed directly south. Then it was on... There is almost nothing better than a strong tailwind. We were traveling at 16 mph with little or no effort and pushed it up to 20 mph when when we were feeling "boogie fever." The faster groups were cruising at 25 mph for much of the day. The wind did not quit all day and the first couple of groups finished within 3 hours. Everyone finished the day including Andy Johnson who spent last night next to the toilet with a stomach bug...he's hardcore!
Andy and Linda came all the way from New York!

We are staying the night at the Travel Lodge here in Turlock. We spent a while in the hot tub nursing our sore muscles. Many of our team members are experiencing knee pain, but we are pushing through it at this point. Ice, heat, and IBU Profen are our friends.

We refueled as a team at a little Mexican restaurant. We are down to our core group of cyclists as we said goodbye to another group of teammates today. We also lost a few SAG personnel and we will miss Roger (aka Scooter) on his harley and Lori, Wendy and Jonathan serving lunch and taking care of us. They will be back...

We are looking forward to the wind tomorrow as long as it is still blowing south...