Yesterday morning 6 Ride Ataxia Team Cyclists met for a training ride.

Left to Right: Jina, Collin, Angela, Tess, Me, Mike
Notice the bright sun, smiling faces, and tight clothing.

We started at my house in East Sacramento and headed toward the American River Parkway bike trail. The trail is only about a mile away and once we hit the trail, there is no reason to worry about vehicle traffic. It is really nice to just ride with no worries. Also the trail is 30 miles one way so you can enjoy a nice long ride entirely on the trail.

We went about 17 miles before we had lunch at the fish hatchery and turned around.

This is the "before" picture, there will be no spare tires at the end of the ride. Collin, I think perhaps Buford might be able to stick it out and hang on(Collin calls his gut Buford). However, I hope you will be able to carry on if he decides to leave.

It was a nice ride and a beautiful day. The most improved teammate award goes to Angela Lacativo-Greene who had never ridden much past the end of the block before this ride. Despite an unfamiliar bike and a sore rear end, Angela powered through and we are all confident that she is going to be a great asset to our team on the road come March 15.