We left this morning from our hotel at about 9am in a downpour.

Today was a short day (40 miles) but the weather made it seem like much more. We can all deal with the wetness at this point but today was particularly cold... Most of us went for several hours without feeling in our toes. The only way to warm up was to ride as hard as we could to get the heart pumping and the circulation going to the extremities.

After our lunch stop quite a few groups of us rode past a loose dog who was not friendly. Several people were chased at high speeds. One story was that the dog could run at 19 miles an hour while barking, growling and snarling. Luckily nobody got hurt and the dog had fun today with lots of people to chase.

Here we are at the world's largest egg:

When we finally reached our destination, we thawed our fingers and toes and headed to dinner at the historic train depot in, Centralia Washington. We were honored to have the mayor of Centralia along with the operator of the train depot, Pollo Enriquez with us at dinner. The city generously provided the space to us free of charge.

Our dinner was once again catered by Outback Steakhouse and their volunteer crew. The food was fantastic (ribs that fell off the bone smothered in BBQ sauce...garlic mashed potatoes, wild rice and cinnamon apples for dessert). Outback has been a HUGE supporter of the ride this year. They are an organization dedicated to service and community. Thank you Outback.

This day was brought to you in part by the OB Beer Club. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Big day tomorrow. 62 miles, bring on the rain!\