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I ride the Catrike 700; reputably the fastest non-custom trike out there.  The 700 is very aerodynamic, very light and it has that huge 700c wheel in the back for high speed power.  Plus it just looks cool:

The one difficulty (and this is true of amost all trikes) is that there are a couple parts that you can't find in a regular bike shop, specifically the 16" wheels up front.  Now this is no huge deal, it is just not as easy as going down to the bike shop and picking up a fresh set of tires and tubes.  It takes a little foresight, shopping (which is actually fun when you're shopping for bike parts) and planning.

Our Team Mechanic, Mechanic Mike, gave us all a list of parts he would like us to have for the race, which included spare tires, tubes, wheels, spokes, derailleur hangers etc.  So I went to work finding all this stuff and the first email I sent was to Catrike because I figured this would be the easiest way to find a spare 16" wheel with a disc brake.  I got an email right back saying that Catrike would be stoked to support the team with whatever we need.  Such great people!

So my list is cut way down and I am just rounding up some simple stuff.  This is a team effort and Catrike is playing a big part, thanks guys!

Find out more about the full line of Catrike performance trikes at at


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