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Country Music Marathon 2015

"Running was the time he felt most alive. He knew that as surely as he'd ever known anything." -Runners world

This is the first time I've ever attended a marathon. Rock and Roll Marathon in Nashville Tennessee. Unexpected right? Team FARA was going to be in my town, I was excited to know that "FARA" was headed down south!


Well, much to my surprise, hotels were booked everywhere, restaurants were slammed and traffic was crazy. Almost 30,000 runners! Did I mention that my son was joining the insanity…TEAM I mean. ;) Felicia DeRosa, FARA’s Fundraising and Communications Program Director and Team FARA runner, said "Gosh there were so many people!  I think that was the largest event I've ever run."

The night before the race the team members and FAmily went to dinner. It was a fun evening of small talk, talk of new research and getting mentally prepared for the next day. I asked Jennifer Farmer, FARA’s Executive Director and Team FARA runner, "How do you keep going?" She replied, "You have to completely zone out".

ALL of the girls train for months for these marathons. They raised research dollars too. Their goal was $10,000. Not only did they reach their goal, they exceeded it!  

As my daughter and I stepped off of the shuttle bus and into the cool damp air, the energy was extraordinary. Nix and I scooted through the crowd of runners, supporters, spectators and tons of security. We finally made it to the starting line; it was crazy. We spent the rest of the morning cheering the runners on (Nix made signs) and then made our way to the finish line at LP field.

They run for research, they run for their kids, they run for their mom. They run for us when we can't. It means so much to me! I would HIGHLY recommend attending a marathon with our team. It was an experience the kids and I will never forget. 

Team FARA recruited 11 members from five different states (Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Illinois and Tennessee) to run the Nashville Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon.  While the team was made up of both new and veteran runners, all of the team members were first timers at the Nashville 1/2.  The course proved to be challenging with lots of rolling hills, as well as rich with music and historical landmarks, live bands and entertaining spectators.  

However, perhaps even more compelling than the beautiful local sites and sounds were the things you cannot see- the thing inside each runner that answers the question why do you run?  Some might say, "I run for my daughters living with FA.  To show them I'm willing to push myself as hard as they do each day."  Another might say, "I run for my Mom to show her I love her."  A third might say, "I run because in my daily life I'm part of this team that's trying to redefine what is possible and how quickly we can get there for a rare disease, and running helps me live in that mindset."

 The road was long, the hills were exhausting, but it was the why inside each runner that kept them moving and propelled them across the finish line.  Congratulations to my fellow Team FARA teammates on a race well run- Jen Farmer, Jamie Young, Mary Caruso, Margaret Ferrarone, Geri Mc Sherry, Tim Young, Carrie Young, Erin Gallagher, Sam Folan, and Tate Kinney.






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