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Hello Team FARA Supporters!

We introduced ourselves to the world three short days ago and we have felt a huge response of support from everyone who hears our story.  We have received several phone calls from eager volunteers!  Thank you!  We are still seeking a few more volunteers and in kind donations.  For more info click here: How YOU Can Help.

As the team steps up its training effort, we are constantly looking for sources of inspiration to help us push harder.  A dose of inspiration can be found in the story of a team of handcyclists who completed RAAM last year.  Here are few pieces of an article about Team Can Be Venture:

"The first summit of Mount Everest, the first sub-4-minute mile — these are athletic feats that redefined our perception of what is possible. And a team of four paraplegic handcyclists has just redefined the possibilities of endurance bicycle racing. At 2 p.m. on June 20, Team Can Be Venture pushed off from the starting line in Oceanside, Calif. — headed for the finish line in Annapolis, Md., 3,021 miles away — in the annual Race Across America, officially known as RAAM, arguably the toughest endurance event in the bicycling world."

"From the start, the racers had a battle on their hands. Keeping pace to meet the cutoff times left no room for error. When not riding, all equipment had to be checked and adjusted, and the riders had to be ready and waiting for their next leg. The transitions — like handing off the baton in a relay race — were crucial. Every minute lost was lost forever, and each minute counted."

Read the entire article from New Mobility magazine here: Handcyclists Conquer Race Across America.



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