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The Journey & the Friends You Take with You

Someone on the crew (I think it was Diane) remarked how grateful she was for the members of our crew that joined because they had a connection to FA through a friend. We draw a lot of parallels between the kind of terrain passed on this journey and a family's life with FA. Many times, I imagine, it is the uphill climb like the team is traveling now---where you just need to put your head down and keep turning the crank.

Other times, I'd think, it is like the loneliness of the dark and rainy night on a quiet Ohio country road. And others like the wind blowing you sideways as you try to move forward as in the open Kansas plains. But still our FA families and our team press on---knowing that it isn't necessarily the terrain but who you take with you and who you meet along the way that matters. Thank you to the friends and siblings in our crew---Blake, Mike G, Tracy, Aaron, Steve, and Phil. You joined the team simply because you love someone with FA. You've followed behind our cyclists lighting their way in the dark, feeding them between shifts, monitoring their progress and watching out for them. They've made this journey because you were either behind them or at their side. A special thank you to our cyclists Mike and John who came to this journey because of their friendship with Sean and Kyle. Your commitment to your friends and to the FA community has touched the hearts of so many.

And an added Happy Father's Day to Phil who is spending it on the road with the team and away from his little girls in CA. Thanks Phil.



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