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We're Gonna Get This Done!

I heard the blog had 600 hits yesterday! Your support and cheers mean so much to the team and crew and we appreciate all the messages - they help keep us going strong. One of the highlights of the race is we went through Durango, CO, which was a critical point because we had to make it by a certain time in order to stay in the race. We made it with 6 hours to spare - a huge boost for the team! Mike and Sean conquered a huge 10,800 foot climb - the highest point of the trip. John and I finished a 3,000 foot climb. Exciting!

The crew is just awesome! Every single person is doing whatever it takes to make life doable for us so we can focus on the ride. On average we take 4 hour shifts in teams of two, with 30 minute rotations. After riding we get in the RV, eat and drink, and then sleep for 2 1/2 hours. The crew wakes us up 1/2 hour before our next shift to get us ready. Two follow vehicles constantly communicate with one another where we are and changes to the schedule rotation. It's amazing and cool to go to sleep for a couple of hours and then wake up and see we're 60-80 miles further than before. We never stop moving more than 10 minutes.

RV Life is real close corridors. Nine people are in the RV all at once. The generator went out for more than a day so we did not have air conditioning, lights or electricity to charge our cell phones. We'll be in Kansas tomorrow which will be hot and humid so we're glad the air conditioner is now working and the RV is fixed. The weather is great and I sleep with no blanket.

We are now in Trinidad, CO. We have a hotel room and are rotating taking showers. We get to sleep in an actual bed for a couple of hours.

As many of you heard, Sean had a minor injury to his eye and our gofer vehicle with Felicia and Mary Caruso took him to the ER. The team never stopped riding... and Sean came back just hours later to ride. This is a huge example of NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, WE'RE GONNA GET THIS DONE! ~ Kyle Bryant



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