Scarlett DrewsMy name is Scarlett. I'm 22 years old and I live with Friedreich's Ataxia. I was diagnosed at age 14 and I didn't start having symptoms until I was nearly 20. My story is quite unique because I was diagnosed years before symptoms appeared. When I was 10, I had foot surgery and didn't heal very fast. Because of this, the doctors suspected a neurological disorder. Then 4 years later, I met with the right neurologist who identified FA right away.


I am currently a full-time college student majoring in philosophy. I love to read, travel, draw, take pictures and do anything artistic. FA makes some things difficult sometimes, but ultimately it's just a very small part of me. There are good days and bad days when dealing with a debilitating disorder. However, the good days outnumber the bad days tenfold. I will get very upset and frustrated occasionally but I am constantly filled with pride and a strong sense of belonging because of the wonderful FA community. Therefore, as far as happiness is concerned, I come out ahead. C'est la vie.