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We believe that investing in Friedreich's Ataxia (FA) research will lead to the discovery and advancement of meaningful treatments and a cure for FA. In the past 5 years, FARA provided over 32 million dollars to advance FA research. As of September 1st, 2021, we have already committed over 8 million dollars to funding research for the current year, as we initiate and continue programs that will fill gaps in our understanding of FA, promote drug discovery, bring new research resources to the community, grow our Collaborative Clinical Research Network in FA (CCRN), fund new biomarker consortia and clinical research infrastructure to facilitate clinical trials.

FARA funds FA research through 3 different mechanisms: the grant program, institutional supported programs and FARA directed projects. We believe the sum of these initiatives to be most impactful in advancing research and therapeutic development. Our goal is to drive the science, facilitate access to resources, promote collaboration among FA investigators and encourage public/private partnerships.

The FARA grant program funds competitive grants across the spectrum from basic research through drug development and clinical research in FA. This investigator-initiated, peer-reviewed mechanism welcomes research proposals that meet FARA’s research priorities.

By establishing institutional programs , FARA promotes collaborations, commitment to FA research, opportunity to leverage technologies and innovation. We provide a longer-term commitment for research to attract new investigators and leverage the institutions’ resources and engagement.

By funding a wide range of FARA directed projects, we tackle research areas that remain poorly explored by reaching out directly to scientists who help filling key knowledge gaps, and create needed clinical and pre-clinical research resources, for both academic investigators and drug developers.
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