Friedreich’s Ataxia Global Clinical Consortium (FA GCC)

The Friedreich’s Ataxia Global Clinical Consortium (FA GCC) is an international group of clinical research centers that work together to advance treatments and clinical care for individuals with Friedreich’s ataxia. The consortium collaborates with pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, other research centers, and the patient community to facilitate clinical research and trials needed to identify new therapies.

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Directed Research

FARA’s Scientific Advisory Board and Board of Directors recognize the need to proactively direct research in high priority areas that are not fully addressed through the FARA grant program. These projects aim to fill gaps in knowledge, create resources and research tools, and promote new drug discovery with a pre-competitive focus.

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Institutional Supported Programs

FARA funding to institutions with multiple investigators that have expertise and a commitment to FA research has proven to be an effective mechanism to leverage technologies, inspire innovation, and further grow the FA research community.

By establishing these institutional programs and partnerships, FARA has promoted collaboration and synergy across basic, translational, and clinical research, provided a longer-term funding commitment for high risk-high reward research, attracted new investigators, and leveraged the institutions’ resources and engagement. FARA provides institutional based research support for the FA Center of Excellence at Penn Medicine/ Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the FA Accelerator program at the Broad Institute.

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Friedreich’s Ataxia Center of Excellence (COE) – Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania Friedreich’s Ataxia Accelerator (FAA) at the Broad Institute