Graphic of the FARA Strategy House

The four pillars of FARA’s strategy

The foundation of FARA’s effort is rooted in people and science, and our role is to help marshal and focus efforts to achieve treatments and cures for FA. To that end, FARA’s leadership framed the organization’s strategic priorities and activities into the following four essential pillars.

  • Attracting & Facilitating Collaboration in the Community: FARA assembles all stakeholders researchers, physicians, patient families, industry and government partners – to share insights, new research and build partnerships that unite us as one well-aligned and stronger FA community.
  • Deploying Financial Resources: FARA deploys financial resources through a competitive, peer reviewed research grant program as well as FARA directed research.
  • Creating Domain Resources: FARA builds resources that help advance all therapies in the field. Examples of domain resources include the FA Global Patient Registry, the FA-Integrated Clinical Database, and bio and cell repositories.
  • Sharing Knowledge & Know-How: FARA believes that sharing the knowledge from our grant program, research conferences, academic and industry partners, and patient families optimizes our pace and enables the efficient use of resources.

These pillars provide the tools, the knowledge and the collaborative relationships that advance therapeutic candidates in the drug development pipeline – to slow, stop, reverse, and cure FA.