Steps to take after a new diagnosis of FA

There are several actions you can take after receiving an FA diagnosis. Click through the links to the right to help you plan out what next steps are right for you or your family.

Most people with FA see several specialists to manage different symptoms. You can learn more about different specialists by reading through the Managing FA page. You can also download the Clinical Care Guidelines to share with the members of your or your child’s care team.

Enrolling in the FA Patient Registry will ensure that you are notified about clinical trial and study opportunities. Every person or child with FA is eligible to enroll in the UNIFAI natural history study. You can download the Clinical Trials 101 guide to learn more about clinical trials and studies.

Visit the Connect page or scroll down to learn about ways to engage with other members of the FA community.

FARA hosts and supports several events for the FA community throughout the year. Learn more about educational symposiums and fundraisers you can attend on the Events page.

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Meet the Community

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Additional stories by and about people with FA and their loved ones

Click through the links on the right to find different blog posts, videos, and podcasts, that share FA stories.

Check out this playlist on FARA’s YouTube page to watch videos from the FA community.

In the uplifting award-winning film, The Ataxian, Kyle Bryant, a man living with Friedreich’s ataxia, and a team of friends attempt the most grueling bicycle race in the world, The Race Across America.

On Two Disabled Dudes, podcast hosts Kyle and Sean, who have FA, discuss living life beyond circumstances and have conversations with other members of the rare disease and disability communities.

Members of the FA community have been featured on podcasts produced by pharmaceutical partners including Biogen’s FA Voices and PTC Therapeutic’s Insightful Moments (part 1) and part 2.

Friedreich’s Ataxia News, posts articles written by members of the FA community.

Connect with Others in the FA community

The FA App

Power the cure for Friedreich’s ataxia with the FA App. The FA app helps connect and empower individuals with FA worldwide so they can meaningfully participate in finding a cure for FA.

The Friedreich’s Ataxia Parents’ Group

An online community of parents of children with FA.

The FARA Ambassador Program

A team of individuals with FA that volunteer to support FARA’s mission through virtual and in person opportunities.

Community Events

Meet others in the community at different FARA sponsored and grassroots receptions and fundraisers.

FA Hangouts

An opportunity for adults with ataxia and their friends and family to hangout online - run by volunteer FARA Ambassadors.

Teen Hangouts

An opportunity for teens with ataxia to hangout online - moderated by volunteer FARA Ambassadors.

National Ataxia Foundation Support Groups

The National Ataxia Foundation (NAF) supports several different support groups for people with ataxia and their loved ones.

International Ataxia Organizations

The FA Global Patient Registry keeps an up-to-date list on international ataxia organizations.

Contact FARA for additional support

This page is not meant as an exhaustive source of information on FA but serves as a starting point on your FA journey. If you have specific questions, want to learn more, or wish to connect with others diagnosed with FA, fill out this form to connect with someone at FARA.

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