Grassroots Fundraising

When FARA was first established in 1998, grassroots fundraising by volunteers across the country was the main source of FARA’s early research funding. Grassroots fundraisers have continued to be a huge force in the fight to cure FA, raising as much as $1.5 million annually. We welcome your participation in this program through either attending an established event, or hosting your own.



Attending A Fundraiser

When you participate in a fundraising activity, you help FARA grow its community and forge a stronger fundraising effort to battle FA. You can find a complete list of Grassroots events, as well as The Energy Ball and rideATAXIA events, at


Holding A Fundraiser

If you’re interested in hosting your own fundraiser, FARA has an experienced grassroots fundraising team to mentor you and help you through the process of running your own fundraiser. Start your fundraising endeavor by filling out the Grassroots Fundraising Form. The FARA team is happy to help you every step of the way!

If you are deciding what type of event you want to host, the Grassroots Fundraising Event Ideas Booklet can show you some of the different types of fundraisers you can do and the level of commitment required for each.

When you have an idea of the type of event, the Grassroots Fundraising Guide can provide written guidance on how FARA can support your efforts, how to comply with IRS tax codes with regard to fundraising activities and FARA’s gift acknowledgment practices. This is by no means an exhaustive guide and more materials are available at and through the FARA Team.