We have a large team this year (44 riders so far [there's still time, registration closes on Feb 15]) and we are all training harder every day in preparation for our March 16 - 19 adventure.

A month ago, over Christmas break, I visited Chico, CA to spend a few days at my brother's house and we took a training ride with some teammates. Man it was cold! We were all decked out in our cold weather gear and we had a great time. There were 9 of us and we covered about 20 miles.

Left to Right: Chris Prater, Mike Bryant, Me, Jina Bryant, Becky Prater, Collin Bryant, Stephanie Lockwood, John Lockwood, Cody Prater

It was cold in Chico in late December but it has been warm and dry around here lately. Perfect January training weather! Yesterday, some teammates from work got together for a ride. It is tough to get up early on a Saturday morning but we were glad to be on the trail! It was an important ride because we all realized how much work we need to do before March 16.