Study Overview:

The purpose of this research study is to create new digital tools to measure speech, movement, and cognition in people with and without neurological diseases with Neurobooth. The investigator’s goal is to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and the ability to discover effective treatments.

Anyone considering participating in a clinical trial should discuss the matter with their physician. FARA does not endorse or recommend any particular studies.

Study Details:

Neurobooth uses many digital devices to quickly collect information about motor and cognitive symptoms. It then uses machine learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to gain insights about disease and produce measures for clinical trials.

Participants will be guided through a 30-minute assessment inside of the Neurobooth that will measure motor skills, eye movements, speech, and thinking which may include completing tasks on a computer, wearing sensors on your body, and having movements and speech recorded with cameras and a microphone.

Participants may be asked to repeat the tasks for up to 3 years. If a participant is seen at the Mass General neurology clinic, the research session can be completed before or after their scheduled clinic visit.

Key Inclusion Criteria:

  • Be willing to travel to Boston for the in-person assessment
  • Have a known or possible neurologic condition
  • Be healthy individuals
  • Be at least 14 years of age

Additional inclusion and exclusion criteria may apply and will be evaluated by a study doctor.

Length of Study Commitment:

A 30-minute assessment, repeated annually for three years.

Participating Study Locations

Institution Name and LocationInvestigatorStudy Coordinator Contact InformationStatus

Department of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital

Anoopum Gupta, MD, PhD
+1 857-238-1520

Active, Recruiting