LEMOYNE, Pa. -- It's a rare disease, but a Cumberland County family has two children diagnosed with Friedreich's ataxia, which affects the muscles. The Yingling family, of Lemoyne, isn't sitting around waiting for a cure, they're making a difference, thanks to a third wheel -- literally. Nineteen-year-old Abby Yingling was diagnosed two years ago with FA. It was a two-year process which included misdiagnosis along the way. In fact, it wasn't until Abby's younger brother, Chase, started showing the same symptoms, that a neurologist was finally able to pinpoint the problem and diagnosed both of them with Friedreich's ataxia. There is no cure, but even more challenging is there really isn't an official treatment for FA. The Yinglings said supplements help, but what has really helped Abby and Chase is keeping active. Jennifer Yingling, Chase and Abby's mother, said there are many experimental treatments.

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