During our half-hour special, "Just Like Me," ABC7's Cheryl Jennings brings you the inspirational stories of some of these families - once in crisis - now full of relief and hope because of the Taylor Family Foundation. Plus, we'll learn more about music therapy and how it benefits children battling life-threatening illnesses. The Taylor Family Foundation talks about new plans to not only bring this engaging therapy to camp, but also take it on the road.

"As a parent of kids who are sick and knowing what that entails and how much worry and how much stress that can put on your family, the fact that there is an organization out there that can take some of that stress off of you. It's huge."

Zoe Penston, 12-Year-Old Daughter Lives with Rare, Neuromuscular Disease

It's name is synonymous with Camp Arroyo, a free camp in Livermore for kids with life-threatening illnesses or life-altering conditions. However, the Taylor Family Foundation does so much more for thousands of families in need.

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