Join FARA for a social campaign to raise awareness for Rare Disease Day!

Rare diseases affect more than 350 million people worldwide. Rare Disease Day is a global awareness effort to draw attention to all rare disease.

This year, FARA is launching a social media campaign with the theme- Life is about how we react, taken from the documentary film, The Ataxian, which has been selected to kick off the Rare Disease Week activities in Washington DC. FARA invites you to join this social campaign to show the world how you react to rare disease.

The week leading up to Rare Disease Day, from February 21st-28th, FARA wants to share and showcase the strength of how the FA community reacts.


→ Download and print a sign   "I REACT"   or   "WE REACT"

→ Personalize your sign by filling in the box with the way you react as a part of the FA community. (Do you organize fundraisers? Go to the gym? Blog? Use a stander? Cycle? How do you adapt to carry out your everyday activities?)

→ Take your individual or group photo with your customized sign portraying the action you take.

→ Upload your photo to Dropbox by February 19th. Please include your first name, city & state in the file name of your photo.

→ Change your profile picture to your reaction photo for Rare Disease Week to show how you take action! Consider posting with one of these statements:

  • Life is about how we react. I react to my rare disease by raising awareness. Rare Disease Day February 28, 2018
  • 30 million people in America have a rare disease. I am one of them.
  • 15,000 People Worldwide Have Friedreich's ataxia. I am 1 of them.
  • Alone we are rare. Together we are strong. Rare Disease Day February 28, 2018
    with a link to the FARA Facebook site -

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