Flatbread Fuzzy Ataxian 1I am not eligible to participate in many of the clinical trials due to my progression and heart problems. The only way I can give back to FARA is through fundraising.

For the 7th year I hosted a benefit at Flatbread Pizza in Bedford,MA. A portion of their pizza sales that night were donated to FARA while Sixpoint Brewery donated a keg and the entire sale goes directly to FARA. At the end of the busy night Flatbread Co. wrote out a check to FARA for $1,200.

This was a difficult time for me to have a fundraiser but Michael would have had it no other way. My uncle Michael lost his battle with cancer two weeks before the event. Although he lost his battle, I knew he would always be behind me through my battle. In his obituary he requested donations be made to FARA in his name. This was the first event of mine Michael has ever missed but I know he will forever be fighting with me. 

My next fundraiser was the 15th annual Fuzzy Buzzy Golf Tournament. FARA's oldest, still running event. We had a wonderful day, beautiful weather, a full course of 144 golfers and lots of raffles. Katie Schultz and Kyle Bryant came to represent FARA. After dinner Kyle left us with some parting words telling everyone exactly where their money was going and how much it's helping. I was happy to announce we raised $21,000.

Flatbread Fuzzy Ataxian 2

My final fundraiser this year was a screening of the Ataxian. My best friend played a big role in editing the film and I love seeing her name in credits each time I see the film. My father and a close friend were both on the RAAM crew, and both appear in the movie. We had a successful night with 300 people attending and $ 4,000 raised for FARA.

Raising money makes me feel proud that I am helping FARA reach our shared goal of putting an end to Friedreich's Ataxia.

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