Quartermania 1On Wednesday, August 30, about 80 people gathered at Cabrillo Marina in San Pedro, California and raised about $3,000 for FA research. I know you're probably wondering what the heck Quartermania is because I didn't understand either until I played that night! So, I will try my best to explain.

A wonderful woman named Ann is in charge of hosting these fundraisers. She hosts Quartermania for different non-profit organizations and we were lucky enough to find her through my Aunt Kim who attended this event previously for another organization. Ann coordinates everything- she gets the vendors and materials needed for the event and all we had to do was find the venue and make the food pretty much.

As soon as you walked in the Marina Room, participants each paid admission which included dinner, cooked by my wonderful mother and Aunt Kim-they also received a token which was put into a community bucket with all the other participants numbered tokens and also a paddle(see picture). It was also an option to buy multiple paddles for a better chance of winning as well.There were about 8 vendors at the event , like Origami Owl, a customized jewelry company, a woman who put succulents in different everyday objects and a clothing boutique. The vendors were all small local business and the variety of prizes made this event awesome. We had about 15 donations for the raffle we chose to also have alongside Quartermania. Places like local restaurants, gyms, chiropractors and FARA all donated gift certificates and merchandise that we were able to give away as prizes. 

Quartermania 2How it works:

Well, first, you need some quarters, which we sold rolls of at the door if needed. There were small bowls on each table that were designated for the bidding. Each vendor auctions off 3 different items that all start at one or two quarters. The items that were auctioned were valued from $10-$25 each. There was about ten people at each table so saying it was competitive would be and understatement! Each vendor would go in front of the room and say “I have this shirt valued at $10 and I’m starting the bidding at 1 quarter” for example. If a participant wanted the item that was be auctioned, then they would throw the quarter in the bowl and raise their paddle. Then the vendor would chose a numbered token and if it matched your paddle, you won that prize! If I didn't explain it enough, search Quartermania on YouTube.

We had such a good time during this fundraiser and you could feel all the love and support in the room. Ann told us we had the biggest turnout she's had for this event. Everyone enjoyed their time, it was successful and I look forward to doing it again.