JUNE 22, 1983 - JULY 26, 2020

Alexandre Bouchard

My beloved son died on July 26, 2020. Alex had always been gifted. He was a beautiful baby with dark brown eyes, a fast learner. He was somehow speeding every aspect of his life. He quickly learned langages, French, English and Spanish. He was good in sports as well, almost played scratch in golf, could easily beat the game in tennis and played remarkably well music instruments like guitar. He was gifted but most of all, Alex had a loving heart, full of compassion and empathy, with an E. He cared about sick and poor people. He also had a generous heart and over the years cultivated friendships. When he was diagnosed with FA at 21, he kept a joyful heart and fought the disease until the end. He suffered in his mind and body loosing all possibilities to play golf, tennis or guitars but he kept faith in a cure but above all, he kept faith in Jesus. In fact he had Jesus’s heart caring for the orphanage and needy people. He built a business on the net which made everybody proud of his accomplishments. Until the end he stayed in his condo and kept a close relationship with friends on the net. He was the perfect son, full of gratitude and love. I could not love him more. I had the privilege to be his father for 37 years and I enjoyed every minute spent with him. Today he is with the Saints, back home in heaven, he was and will be our angel. Love you for eternity Alex, Dad and Johanne.

Since his childhood, Alex has always been very close to his brother Antoine. They had always been like Siamese twins, wrapped in complicity, breathing for one another. Just 1 year and 10 days separated them. They always cared for each other, walking in the same steps all along his life, but Alex was leading in many ways. Their relationship was a pure expression of love. They have built a business together.