MARCH 11, 1966 - JULY 17, 2008

Janice DeSaw

“Janice was truly the most kind hearted person I ever met and imagine I ever will! The first time I met her was at the USGA, both of us in our 20’s. She was still walking back then with the aid of a walker. I can remember holding the bathroom door open for her like it was yesterday and her very factually telling me that would not be necessary, for she could do it herself!! I can remember thinking now there is a self sufficient girl. She wants things her way and on her own terms. So, out of the way I stood in complete awe of her. Not because she mastered the task without any difficulty, but because she mastered the task, despite the difficulty. Well, our 20 year friendship bloomed from there. In all the years I’ve known Jan, I do not believe I had ever heard her say, “WHY ME” nor have I ever heard her feel sorry for herself. She was always much too concerned with how her illness may have been affecting those around her, to really give into her own grief over a body that was continually failing her. She possessed the greatest spirit and light you could ever imagine. All you had to do was look at her and you would smile, for you couldn’t help but love her humble ways and warm friendly smile. Truly a friend to all those that were blessed to have known her. I will forever keep my friend Jan in my heart and remember her strong resolve for life , in the face of all the adversity that layed before her. She reminds me yet today, how very blessed I am to have known such a fine person and to have shared in her life. May you walk, skip,run and dance my friend. Till we meet again.” – Love Always Vicky

“Jan loved all without regard to their position in life. She was a great friend to all. She appreciated life to the fullest despite the difficulties that were fated unto her. Throughout it all, she always wore a smile. She was always thinking about how to help others. She made us better people through her great spirit for life. That spirit will live on in all she touched forever. She was truly an “ANGEL” on this earth.” – her BFF, Sheila

“My memories of Jan are many, I remember what a beautiful person she was, I remember how beautiful she looked at her wedding, I remember her beautiful smile and the gentleness of her eyes, I remember when we watched the the Giants and the Ravens play the Superbowl and what a loyal Giants fan she was, but I guess mostly I’ll remember Jan for her great strength and courage and the grace in which she carried herself in all situations.” – her brother-in-law, Donnie

“I am blessed to have known Jan as a friend. She had a wonderful spirit and shared her light to all those around her. Her light still shines in my heart.” – her friend, Noreen

“Jan was such a shining light! It was a real pleasure to welcome her into our extended family, and we all enjoyed spending time with her in New Orleans and Philadelphia for family events.” – her cousin, Dede

“I worked with Jan for many years at the USGA. She was the sweetest and most caring person. I wish there were more people like her. She always wanted to help others. I’m so glad I can say I knew her.” – her friend, Sharon

“I am glad to have had the honor of knowing Jan. Her positive attitude was inspiring and made you refocus on what is really important.” – her friend, Doug

“Jan was my best friend, and my true love. She gave me her beautiful smile, her patience, and all of her love. She could be as silly as a little girl one moment, and as wise as a grandmother a minute later. She was the kindest, the most gentle, and most compassionate person I have ever known. I will miss her, and I will love her forever.” – her husband, Blair