Meet Don Royer

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Name: Don Royer

What do you want to discuss? My career path

When did you start this? I was laid off 1 week into COVID-19. Apparently, they found it easy to lay off the family man in a wheelchair with a life altering disability. Anyway, I have built a career worth of knowledge in the field of Occupational Safety and have always had an entrepreneur spirit. I knew no one was going to hire me in my condition. However, this wasn’t going to stop me. Beyond anything, I need to provide for my family. So, I decided in the heart of the pandemic, to start my own business. Yup, covid or not here I come…and BOOM! I started an occupational health and safety training and consulting business East Shore Safety.

Of course I don’t do any of the field work or the training anymore but I hire people to help with that. So, I’ve been in business for over 3 ½ years and have made it work! As my condition progresses, I have brought my wife into the company and hope to hire my daughters soon.

What made you choose this? I should say this from a position of power (and not vulnerability) but, I did not choose it. I had to do it to provide for my family and survive. I live in Cape Cod…it’s expensive! I went to college for safety and here I am still doing it, decades later. I love it, though!

Does FA impact this? Yes, FA certainly impacts everything within the business. I cannot do the things I would like to within the business. I am more tired than many of my contemporaries, I get hurt more often doing routine things but, it is what it is…

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